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Vita nova, ars antiqua

Concert of Sebastian Consort


Sebastian Consort

  • György Philipp — voices
  • Imre Lachegyi — recorder
  • Katalin Kállay — recorder
  • Sándor Szászvárosi — viol

On programme

  • Works by Guillaume Dufay, John Dunstable, Orlando di Lasso, Heinrich Isaac, Ludwig Senfl, John Jenkins and John Dowland
  • Tickets are available:
    • At the Tourinform Office of Vác (17 Március 15. tér [Main Square])
    • ½ hour before the performance on the spot (4 Március 15. tér [Main Square])
  • Price: 1000 HUF

We kindly recommend you to book or buy your ticket in advance.

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