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New image and logo for Consort Music Foundation

27 April 2008

János Saxon-Szász: Combat (1993)
János Saxon-Szász: Combat (1993)
The new image of Consort Music Foundation has got ready, wherein the most emphatic element is the new logo. This emblem is a work called Combat by the artist János Saxon-Szász painted in 1993, which has been used for the Foundation’s logo as a noble offer of the artist. At the same time we have renewed our image and our website as well, the latter has been reconstructed not only in its appearance, but it has been enriched in its content and has been made structurally more perspicuous and aesthetic.

The new motto of the Foundation is “Pro vera arte”, which means “For the true art”. It expresses our main intention and goal. The motto has been put in Latin, which represents our commitment to tradition and classic values.

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